Upland Birds & Waterfowl

Montana bird hunting is among the best bird hunting in the country. The variety of birds we hunt is nearly unrivaled. On our upland bird hunts you will find sharptail grouse, hungarian partridge, doves, pheasant and turkeys. On our waterfowl hunts you can expect to see plenty of geese. Its the wide range of species we can hunt on one trip that makes this a truly unique bird hunting experience.


The upland birds are hunted in a vast range of terrain from grassy flats to a wide array of thick brushy draws. The sharptail and partridge are found in the higher brush pockets and grass flats, pheasants in the lower thick draws, doves along roads and tree lines and the turkey hang out in the timber country.


The turkey can be hunted in both spring and fall. The spring turkey hunts consist of being in the right spots for calling and the fall hunting has to be more of a spot and stalk type hunting.


Our goose hunting is done on the rich cropland adjacent to the Yellowstone River where decoying into blinds is very effective. With our part of the river, a total of 75 miles, being a protected refuge and the fact that we are dead center in the southern migration makes for some of the best goose hunting anywhere.


We understand that a large part of bird hunting, for a lot of people, is watching their dogs work and we encourage you to bring them on our bird hunts.